World of Golf Croydon presents

Top Tracer Ball Tracking Technology

Be at the Top of Your Game with Toptracer

Our Driving Range at the World of Golf Croydon is your top choice and the launch of Toptracer ball tracking technology brings even more excitement to your golf. With your in-bay Toptracer screen, you can play six different on-screen activities: Against Toptracer or with your friends, either in-situ or through the Toptracer App.

Toptracer delivers two practice and four entertainment modes, viewed through brand new touchscreen monitors installed in your World of Golf Croydon range bay.

Swing your club, hit your shot and track your ball on the screen to your right. Depending on whichever mode you are playing, see how far your ball soared, view how close you are to the pin or how well you have done.

Once you have finished your session, you can review it all again on the Toptracer App at your leisure.

When opening the Toptracer App at the World of Golf Croydon the system recognises you immediately, connecting you to the touchscreen in any bay you use.


6 Fabulous Modes for you to Play With

Closest to the Pin

Precision Golf

Fun competition with your friends, either with your friends on the driving range, or against them on the App. The technology shows a green with a pin placed on the screen, for all to aim at. Whoever has the technique and skill to hit their ball closest to the pin shown is the winner.

Longest Drive

Power Golf

Pure and simple, this game is all about power! This is proof that you are the Champion! Toptracer tracks your ball, and that of up to 4 of your friends to determine which of you can hit the ball the furthest. All players see who the winner is on their own screens or on the Toptracer App at any time.

Play the best golf courses in the world on Toptracer’s Virtual Golf

World Class Golf

Fire up the Toptracer screen and choose any one of 10 of the greatest golf courses around the world. You and your friends can play a full 18 holes without ever leaving the range.

These are the ten courses you can play at World of Golf Croydon through Toptracer:

Pebble Beach (USA)

Spyglass Hill (USA)

Spanish Bay (USA)

Carolina Classic (USA)

Island Classic (USA)

London Golf Club – The International Course (UK)

London Golf Club – The Heritage Course (UK)

The Castle Course at Bro Hof Slott GC (Sweden)

The Stadium Course at Bro Hof Slott GC (Sweden)

What’s in your bag?

Versatile Golf

Use every club in your bag. Take out your club and swing, allowing Toptracer ball tracking technology to save every attribute of each shot, storing all the data on the App. Go through all your clubs and track your shots to see how you are improving.

Launch Monitor

Complete Golf

This delivers your complete game, measuring your distance, ball speed, launch angle and landing angle, height and hang time. Everything, simply everything for the complete golfer.

Points Game

Competitive Golf

Friends compete for points based on distance from the target. A great way to sharpen up your short game.

Check the World of Golf Leader Board to see if you are the local champion

The Toptracer App links every player profile of each player to our venue. Toptracer accesses your complete shot data history, then compares your results with all other players and ranks all players on the venue’s Leader Board. Download the App, sign in, then see if you are the Tops.