Jon Woodroffe at World of Golf New Malden arranged recently another game of golf for his customers and this time they played at Sutton Green Golf Club near Guildford in Surrey.

Everyone met on a Saturday afternoon and made up 6 teams of 4 and played a Texas Scramble format. This is where all members of the group tee off and you select the best shot, then all the players their next shot from that best position and again you choose the best shot and continue like that until the hole is completed. Thus you get 4 goes at each shot and the law of averages means that at least 1 person will hit the ball well, thus the scores that come in are really low. In fact the winning team of Neil Prothero, Phil Intallura, Francis Rowland and Jane De La Haye scored 5 under par, blowing everyone else away, in fact the next best score was level par.