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The Take-Away Check

Published June 10, 2018

By Jon Woodroffe – Master Professional After you have got your address position and grip correct, the next stage where things can go pear shape, is on the take away from the ball. As golf professionals we like to video our students take away. When we play it back to them, it is easy for […]


Warm up routine

Published May 10, 2018

By Jon Woodroffe – Master Professional,  Now we all know that Rory Mcilroy has a detailed and extensive warm up routine before he goes out onto the golf course. Indeed, all tournament professionals do. Any top sports player will have some form of knock up, warm up or kick about, to prepare themselves to play. […]


How to keep your chin up at address

Published April 10, 2018

There is one phrase in golf that makes my blood boil more than any other. It’s when you hear this after a poor shot: “You lifted your head.  Keep your head down”. What a heap of rubbish that advice is! On their next shot, all that happens is the player then forces their chin down […]


Good posture is the key to a natural swing

Published March 10, 2018

By Jon Woodroofe –  Master Professional, World of Golf London I firmly maintain that swinging a golf club is the easy bit in this game. The holding of the club and the standing to the ball correctly, is where all the problems are. In other words, good posture is the key to success. Here is a […]


Miss on the Professional Side of the Hole

Published February 9, 2018

By Jon Woodroffe, World of Golf Master Professional On a sloping green, you so often see club golfers miss the hole on the low side. We call this the amateur side of the hole. This slightly derogatory term relates to the fact that missing on the low side of the hole, means the ball never […]