How to practice

How to get the full advantage from your time at the golf range

By Jon Woodroffe

The old saying “practice makes perfect” is sadly not true, practice makes permanent. So before embarking on these tips to help you use your time at the golf range to the best effect, it would be remiss of me not to highlight the importance of taking lessons with one of our highly qualified PGA golf instructors here at The World of Golf. The practice time you spend will bear fruit so much quicker if you are practicing the right things.

Range Practice for Beginners

How to develop your golf without feeling you are getting in everyone’s way.

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Warm Up Exercises for the Range

How to stretch and warm up before you make any swings or shots.

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Which Clubs Should You Use?

Which clubs should you start with and why you should avoid the driver.

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Regular Players

How to practice effectively and focus your drills and control.

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How to Use Your Bucket of Balls.

How to split the use of your range balls to make your practice more effective.

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Practice as if you Were Playing

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Short Game Practice

How to use the driving range for short game practice

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About Jon Woodroffe

A fellow of the PGA, Jon Woodroffe is the UK’s number one expert in coaching beginners and in 25 years he has introduced more than 16,000 people to the game of golf.

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