For the first time this year we had a 9 hole beginners game at The Oaks oversubscribed, we had a full house of 16 players so they were paired into 4 groups of 4, and the format for the game was Texas Scramble.

For the previous couple of days the weather had been saying that the afternoon would be blighted by rain, but in fact that did not materialise and in fact by the end the sun was out and it was a glorious evening. The beauty of that was that there was virtually nobody else on the golf course, millionaire’s golf as they call it, having the course to yourself. And the 4 groups enjoyed the lack of stress from players playing behind and the scoring was very good with plenty of shots hitting the green and even a putt or two dropping although on the first hole James managed to hit a putt that was destined for the bottom of the cup, only to see it go all the way around the hole 360 degrees and return back towards him, almost impossible to do if you tried.


It is great to see many of the people that played on Sunday that had played on previous occasions on the beginners 9 hole games and to see the marked improvement in their golf game due to them getting out and playing and then getting enthused to come to the golf range and practice before the next game.

So to the winners of the Texas Scramble and they were the two Brian’s, Walsh and Ganes, along with Fiona Moore and Kate Simpson. The tee shot that I saw Brian hit off the third hole was immense so I was not too surprised with them winning as the ladies were playing and putting like demons as well, but the score of 30 that they returned, which is only 2 over the par of the course was something special, easily the best score ever recorded in these golf games, so a huge well done to them and to all the people that took part.